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Eco Reduxwould not have been possible without the feedback and
unparalleled support of my PhD advisors in Princeton University,
Beatriz Colomina and Spyros Papapetros. Special thanks go to Christine Boyer,
for honoring us with her presence at the Athens exhibition opening and to
Paul Lewis, Mark Wigley, Mark Wasiuta, Mitchell Joachim, Ann Pendleton-Jullian, Gary van Zante, and Anthony Vidler for their support of this project in various institutions: Princeton University, MIT, Columbia University, The Cooper Union and Ohio State University. Thanks also go to Molly Steenson and Antigone Mavridou for helpful suggestions for the website and to Shana Weber, from the High Meadows Sustainability Fund in Princeton University, for her invaluable feedback on constructing the online resource. A million thanks to Al Attara from the Metropolitan Exchange Space in Brooklyn NY, for all his help in the exhibition at Columbia University. Last but not least, deep gratitude and love goes to friends who helped in the exhibition installation and in various other ways: Tatiana Andreadou, Lefki Andreadou, Alexandros Tsamis, Lydia Manitsidou, Rafi Segal, Eva Franch-Gilabert, Lydia Xynogala, Angelos Papanikolaou and Aspasia Taka.

Eco Reduxis dedicated to all the architects that are enlisted in the archive,
for their courage to invent a “semi-science” as a tool of social reform; their energy to experiment at the fringes of the discipline and to seek funds to manifest their ideas; for their endless optimism to believe that a social utopia, even if impossible, is worth pursuing. Grahame Caine, David Sellers, Chip Lord and Curtis Schreier, Peter Murray, Robin Middleton and Peter Crump, I am forever in your debt, for opening your homes to talk about your work without any time limitations and for generously providing material of your work. As my late friend Petros Mesisklis once said, ideas can be established only in freedom.