Submit to Database

invites you to research and recreate one or more
of the material experiments enlisted in the archive that were conducted
almost 40 years ago. Your new project will be uploaded in the EcoRedux
database, with the scope of assembling an online resource
for pedagogical purposes.
You are invited to creatively reuse the information outlined in each
experiment, distill its rule- based systems and axioms and assign
new meaning to the idea by using contemporary media and knowledge
of materials, methods, technology and culture. Use your design skills
and ideas with a twist of your own research interests by reusing one of the
archived projects from the 1960s and 1970s as a reference. The aim is
to produce a new story/narrative and to “reuse” the experiments in the
form of an instruction manual or a “cookbook” that can be uploaded
online for others to use and once again reuse. You are free to use any
media: diagrams, animations, audio files, computer codes, text- based
images, cartoons, collages, circuits and drawings. The historic material
provided is mostly text based and a main scope of this research project is
to make available visual information of inspirational ideas strikingly
resonant to current debates in design culture, yet unknown due to
the lack of visual imagery.

If you are interested in participating in the expansion of the EcoRedux database, please submit the following images:

Image 1: Representative perspective of project/ title/ text of 300 words
Image 2: Diagrams showing images of the old experiment and its re-interpretation
Image 3: Instructions/ diagrams/ tools illustrating  the (re)use of the experiment
Image 4: Perspectives/ plans/ diagrams
Image 5: Variations of product (For example, what if the instructions you provide are not followed in the designated order? What are the possibilities of your experiment? How can it be applied to various purposes and contexts?)
Image 6: Perspective image in the setting of a city, a farm, suburbia or any context of relevance

You are free to not follow these guidelines and to invent your own.

Each image should be prepared in 300dpi resolution, panel size 15x15cm.
For submission information to the EcoRedux website, please contact