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Eco Reduxis based on the PhD archival research of Lydia Kallipoliti at Princeton University and has been generously funded by the MIT Lawrence Anderson Award for the creative documentation of history and the High Meadows Sustainability Fund from Princeton University.

Originally, the research was conducted within the framework of the Unbuilt 2008_ International architecture research events, organized by Maria Theodorou and exhibited at the Byzantine Museum of Athens in December 2008. This first exhibition was curated and designed by Lydia Kallipoliti, in collaboration with Alicia Imperiale and Amie Shao. The EcoRedux exhibition at Columbia University was in conjunction with the Ecogram 2 conference in 2009 organized by Mitchell Joachim and Ioanna Theorapoulou. The exhibition was curated by Lydia Kallipoliti and designed in collaboration with Lydia Xynogala.

In the summer of 2010, the EcoRedux_v02@ArchTUC  design and fabrication student workshop was held at the Technical University of Crete in Greece with the scope of expanding the context of the research and producing a 1/1 prototype installation for the Design Museum of Barcelona. The workshop was held with the generous sponsorship from the Rector’s Council at the Technical University of Crete and supervised by professors from the Technical University in Crete (TUC), Greece, the Cooper Union in New York and the Architectural Association in London (AA): Michael Young & Lydia Kallipoliti (Cooper Union), Kostis Oungrinis and Marianthi Liapi (TUC) and Yota Adilenidou  (AA). Workshop blog:
The EcoRedux 2 workshop is followed by a second digital design fabrication workshop held at the IE School of Architecture at the University of Madrid under the supervision of Anna Pla Catala.

The EcoRedux 2 exhibition in the Design Hub of Barcelona upcoming in March 2011 is curated and designed by Lydia Kallipoliti and Anna Pla Catala and organized in collaboration with Carlos Ipser from the DHub. This exhibition will be accompanied by an installation designed by Michael Young, Anna Pla Catala, Kostis Oungrinis and Marianthi Liapi with the assistance of students from the Technical University of Crete and the IE School of Architecture at the University of Madrid.

EcoRedux online has been awarded an honor at the 14th International Webby Awards of 2010 and a silver medal at the W3 Awards from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences for excellence in environmental awareness.

EcoRedux Online was launched in October 2009 @
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